‘Some of My Friends’

Hort (Home away from home, where it all began.)

Haw-lin Services, Haw-lin Mood Board (Art directors, graphic designers, photographers, creative researchers, ... etc, etc, etc, etc.)

Sera Yong (Image maker extraordinaire, queen of colour, Korean sunshine.)

University of Mick (Practical problem solver, good heart, likes bikes, can also draw on demand.)

Jennifer Endom (Photographer, energy fueler.)

Tim Schmitt (Graphic designer, unique working process, most influential creative to have stumbled across.)

Jacob Klein (My rock; graphic designer; huge collaborative contributor to this website; works along side my favourite person to cook for, Nathan Cowen; Co-Founder of Haw-lin Services.)

Alan Woo (Graphic designer, programmer, a marvel of kindness and patience.)

Serafine Frey (Gifted visual storyteller, loaded with optimism, courageousness little trooper.)

Stahl R (Graphic design duo, very zen to work with.)

Tim and Tim (Graphic designer x 2, visual powerhouse.)

Ramon Haindl (Photographer, me likey.)

Sebastian Haslauer (Creator of the physical, soulful and fun kind.)

Paul Marcus Fuog, also founder of U-P

Colophon Foundry, The Entente (Graphic designers, typo whizzkids.)

Mark Prendergast (Likes to play with images, movement and sound. Keep eyes peeled and ears extra open.)